Wednesday, October 12, 2011

r3dchip entry 3.45 billion

 After we had focus groups we realized we have been a bit overambitious in our game design and well have to scale it back in order to finish in our time frame. the game will be more appealing if rules are simplified and we get less debris on the board. we are very pleased with the design for our tiles. and we think it will be a very attractive game. we plan to meet 3 more times before next weeks due date. r3dchip out!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

R3dChip Day 4

Due to some outside forces R3dChip wasn't able to meet as a whole today, and instead began on a new phase of the project: design. With the playtesting just a week away a playable prototype is being created over the next week, including some minor tweaking to the rules, but mostly game art. We will have a playable version next week, and hope you'll continue to follow our progress.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

R3D Chip Day 3

We have continued making more events and refined the purpose of the game.  We have continued thinking of new galactic events which are essentially the varied purpose of that specific game. Only galactic events can end the game. There are mini events which would potentially alter a turn or a round of gameplay. The galactic events ultimately determine the goal of the game while before hand every player is simply competing for resources. Dennis has thought of the basic storyline of the game. The storyline is that we are all on the same planet that has become too polluted for inhabitance and we branch out and explore space in order to survive.  The group has banned me from using scissors because i cant cut out our PROTOTYPE's properly. Sagar is banned from all creative thought because the creative juices lie with dennis and I, mostly Dennis.  We will meet up again to create event cards. the last meeting went well we played another similar game and found some ideas we thought were usefull. R3d Chip blogger out, tune in next week to see if we make progress.

for next week we need
1 galactic event
3 mini events
2 permanent items (strong items)
4 single use items(week)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

r3dchip day 2

we have decided on the working title to be galactic tactics! we came up with some basic board design including obstacles for players to get around. came up with items/ powerups. we have further refined the game mechanics...the difference between expendable and long term powerups and their functions. we have divided up work to come up with some creative galactic events, etc.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

R3dchip Galactic Designs LLC -update

a site that has the hive board game

R3dchip Galactic Designs LLC

We have liftoff!!! R3dChip Galactic Designs LLC has decided on its next venture. we are very excited to explore space with you! So ideas with combining game ideas from portal such as moving across the board through black holes, and 'hive' where players move in hexagonal patterns and build the board as they do so. the board will be expansive and unknown to players.   The objective of the game will change over time but will start  with players rigging their ships for combat.